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Travel Authentic is a ful
l licensed tour operator in Vietnam with expertise in organising personalized private holidays to Indochina(Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos) for couple, family, groups of friend with special touch on local culture and authentic local life


With head office based in Hanoi(Vietnam) and representative in all other major cities as well as in Cambodia and Laos, our ground team professional will ensure your private holidays to be an memory of life time.

Our ulmost aim is  always to offer you exceptional value for money in all itineraries whether it is pre-designed or customized up to your personal requests.

Our local English speaking staff are always available to provide you with the very best support, both prior to booking a trip and whilst on the trip

Contact us today for unbeatble values of your private holidays to Vietnam & Indochina !


From Ayelet & Yoav travelled with us from 17 Apr – 09 May 2024 overland Vietnam


Hi tuan, We just landed. We would like to thank you for the amazing ttip that you've been tayloring for us. Everything was perfect. Thank you again for having a lovely trip with T, he is the nest tpur gide ever. Ayelet & yoav

From Mr CHEYNE RESHEF couple & another friend couple in their 50s, travelled with us from 15 – 28 Mar 2024 overland Vietnam: 


Hey Tuan, Giap, We have just landed in Israel and wanted to thank you for a wonderful and memorable trip in your beautiful country. Everything was on time and the guides were knowledgeable and very friendly, helpful and kind. The motor bike journey and the guides we fun, knowledgeable and talking with them was one of the highlights of the trip and we felt safe on the roads with them. Thank you very much



From 02 middle-aged sisters BAR NATAN MALCA & VIDA, travelled with us from 17 Apr to 02 May overland Vietnam + Siemreap in Cambodia:


Good evening dear friends, We would like to thank you for the excellent and precise organization of our trip during which you were attentive to the changes we requested. Special thanks to Giap who managed the whole operation in a professional and exceptional manner and took great care of us. The guides throughout the trip were excellent: - We wrote about Hao separately. - Chan and Quoc that we met in Dalat were wonderful, attentive to all our needs, found solutions for every problem that arose, drove the motorcycles carefully and responsibly. They were very knowledgeable and taught us new things about the local people and nature. - Saigon motorbike tour was fun with very nice guides. - The trip with Chhan in Cambodia was very interesting, he has a lot of first-hand knowledge and taught us a lot about the history and religions in the country. Throughout the trip the drivers and vehicles were very good. To sum up, we had a great time (despite the hot weather that we are not used to...) and we will be very happy to pass on our recommendation both to udi and to our friends in Israel. Thank you for all


From Dror & Carmit Orell family of 04 travelled with us from 16 Apr to 02 May 2024 overland Vietnam:


Giáp and Tuan We are on the plane, heading home We wish to send you our sincere thanks for all the planning and support throughout our great trip in Vietnam!!!

From 02 families  ( 06 pax) of  SCHLUSSEL ELIYA & KAFKA KAWKA HANA travelled with us from 11 – 25 Apr 2024 overland Vietnam


 Good morning from Israel Tuan and Giap,

On behalf of our family, we would like to express our gratitude for the exciting trip. It was meticulously planned and exceeded all our expectations. We had an unforgettable experience, both from your wonderful and unique country and from your organization and planning. We have gathered countless memories that will stay with us wherever we go. Thank you very much from all of us

From Mr & Mrs Daniel & Anat travelled with us from 20 Feb to 03 Mar 2024 in a private tour overland Vietnam

Hi Tuan

We want to thank you very much for organizing our great & very enjoyable trip to Vietnam. Everything that was planned worked out smoothly in all aspects  according to the trip plan.

Even though the weather in Moc Chau was bad & very foggy, overall we had a good trip especially the first two days in the Pu luong retreat ecolodge Ba Thuoc in Moc Chai with Hai.

We want to especially say that our trip with Vu was very enjoyable and he is a great guide with a lot of knowledge, excellent english and a good & funny sense of humor.

It was also wise that we did not do the easyrider motor cycles as we met on the way 2 young french guys on the bikes that told us they could not feel their backs.

The scooter rides in Saigon were great and we had a great scooter tour with Heidi.

Please also give our regards & many thanks to Giap who was always available, organized all the pickups to perfection & assisted us with whatever questions we had.

So thank you for making our trip very enjoyable and we will certainly recommend your service.

Best regards

Daniel & Anat

From Mr Shaykim family with adults children travelled with us from 20 Mar – 03 Apr 2024


Dearest Tuan and the team. We would like to thank you for an exceptional organization of our trip to Vietnam. Your hospitality and support in the past few weeks have been outstanding. Your country is beautiful and people are so kind and welcoming. We will surely recommend you to all our friends and family. Please thank all members of your team and our nice guides. Simkin family

From Mrs Elite Jakob & family of 07 with adult children travelled with us from 09 – 19 Jan 2024 overland Vietnam


" Hi Tuan, 

How are you?

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your patience in dealing with our trip and its planning. We had the most incredible trip and everyone enjoyed it very much! Everything worked so smoothly, from pick up to tours, to the cruise to the activities and our guides. I haven't decided what I love the most out of the trip because everything was so interesting and fun. 

The eco-lodge in the north was amazing! it was so pampering, clean, and best customer service. Orchid Premium was unbelievable because we had the whole boat to ourselves! It was such a nice surprise! I was telling myself before the cruise that I don't feel like seeing other people on the boat and to our surprise, we had our boat, with superb service!

The driver was so nice :)

Tee, Giap, and the cooking class guide were so professional.

Hoian was amazing as well and I am so glad that we decided to stay around the city and just do the bike tour that day. I am drawing a blank but the guide in Hoian was less professional than the others but he was trying, I feel bad to give him negative feedback because he tried... but we loved Tee better, such a nice and hard-working guy. 

Bay Resort was great.

Apricot Hotel was great with a great location, I can't wait to see the new Four Seasons next to it maybe one day ;)


I will recommend anyone who wants to travel to Vietnam to get in touch with you! 


You have a great country with unbelievable cuisine and we all thank you for everything. 


Take care,

Best, " 

From Adi & Bar Avdiav family of 06 pax travelled with us from 24 July to 08 Aug 2023 overland Vietnam: 


Hello Tuan and Giap, We are in Seoul waiting for the flight back home. We wanted to thank you for the precise and effecient organization of our trip, for your immediate all time availiability and for your good advices. It was perfect. You made our vactation in Vietnam a successful and enjoyable trip, and we are very grateful! Take care and we will be in touch in our follow-up trip to Vietnam. Take care and best regards, Michsl, Udi and rhe boys

From Tamar Van Der Boom family of 06 pax travelled with us from 24 Aug to 07 Sept 2023 overland Vietnam


Mr. Giap and Tuan, thank you for organizing for us this wonderful trip. The tour guides were excellent, the arrangement of the drivers was also perfect. We wish you all the best!!! We will certainly recommend you

 From Mrs Ariella Moyal & group of 03 friends couples travelled with us overland Vietnam( north to south) from 11 – 21 July 2023

חברות יקרות,

אילן הקדים אותי..

זה היה אחד הטיולים המהנים ביותר בחיי, היה  בו הכל מהכל. מודה לכם על הזכות לטייל איתכם, על ההנאות המשותפות למרות החום הכבד והאוכל המדושן.

התכנון היה מעולהההה, הכל מהכל גם אם לא היה זמן לבריכה.

תודה לבורא עולם על טיול ללא תקלות ועל חזרה בשלום.

אוהבת אתכם ואיך שלומי אומר בקרוב בשמחות




From Mr Arnon Peleg family( 06 pax) travelling with us from 14 July to 05 Aug 2023 throughout Vietnam:


Dear Tuan,


As we return home now,

I want to thank you for the detailed production of our family trip. 

We enjoyed your beautiful country, charmed by the kind people of Vietnam , and were guided by trusting hands of your team. 


Please give thanks to our escort across the trip Mr. Giáp - who was very kind and helpful. His clarifications for the days to come helped us and assured our mind and plans, as so the very detailed plan of every thing along the way - tours, transportation, accommodation, even freshen-up, and available for us at all times. 


Trip with Tan, in the north was great, although it looks like after the first 2 days we were mostly driving, and could have manage with an English speaking driver and no need of a tour guide,

Although it is very convenient to travel with such help.

Tan was very considerate, made the road pleasant for us and for our children, with much patience and good will.


All hotels where good and comfortable. 


I want to give a special  recommendation for the riders team from Dalat to Bon ma tout, as we were riding 2 motorcycles and the rest were in the car with a driver: 

Lim, the car driver - a very good guide by himself, has good English, and was kind, polite and fun to drive with - he made the parts in the car very interesting, and pleasant. 

Tan and Vu - very experienced riders, with lots of knowledge - both local and worldwide, good  English, and especially when traveling with children - safety minded , lots of patience, and understanding - not too much pressure, makes everyone feel comfortable and safe !

Such a ride is only possible with such riders. 

Vu led the journey fabulously, please send him my best regards and many thanks.


X riders in Ho Chi Minh City - just fantastic guys, great with the children, we had a really good time with them - kind, great English, very knowledgeable modern and energetic young men and women. 


Our stop days for free time at Mai Chao and Hoi-an were very well spent, and your recommendations for activities helped a lot !

(Giáp even sent us the bicycle rout on Google-map, exactly what we needed).  


Regarding our balance please check as we were at 130$ excess payment after reducing from 5 to 2 riders (by the way was an excellent choice for a family trip). 


We had a wonderful time !

Already sending friends to plan their family trip with you - everything you said was on spot ! That is highly appreciated and valuable. 


Sincerely yours,

Arnon and Peleg family. 

From Yaron & Nili Ivanir couple traveling with us from (29 June - 18 July 2023) throughout Vietnam:


I want to say thank you from the bottom of our heart for the care and help you gave us throughout the trip, we had a great time. We will always keep  the good memories in our hearts “ 

From David & Smadar  couple travelling with us from 02 – 19 Aug 2023 throughout Vietnam:


 “ Hi to you, Tuan and Mr. Giap, we are at the airport waiting for the flight to Bangkok. We wanted to thank you for the wonderful accompaniment and organization of our trip. We had a fascinating journey spiced with lots of smells and peoples from Vietnam and we learned a lot through the guides and the sights we saw. We are happy that we chose you and of course we will recommend to our friends who want to come to Vietnam to travel with you

From Chanan & Revital Lavi family travelled with 4-12 July 2023 for only north Vietnam


Tuan, Giap and all the team..thank you for a great time in Vietnam..We had a great time! Thank you for the great organization,  the best facilities and helping us always..looking forward to travel with you again in the future..

From Meir & Rotem Amiel – a mid-aged couple travelled with us overland Vietnam from 21 Apr to 10 May 2023


Hey Tuan and Giáp! We wanted to say thank you for the amazing trip we just had! Thank you for fitting the trip to our needs and thank you for being and supporting us during all those days in Vietnam.

We had a great experience and we will definitely recommend you for our friends!

Thank you again for everything!! We appreciate it very much!!” 

From Mr & Mrs Oren & Karen Schipper travelled with us overland Vietnam from 22 Apr – 04 May 2023

Dear Tuan and Giáp,

We are back in Bangkok flying home tonight. 

We can’t thank you enough for our fantastic trip. When we get back , allow me to send you my thoughts on the different activities etc. 

for now thank you from the bottom of my heart

From Tal & Gideon mid-aged couple travelled with us from 11-27 Apr 2023 overland Vietnam:


Dear Mr Tuan and Mr Giap we want to thank you for a fantastic trip! It was an amazing experience and very well organized.  Naturally some of the locations were better than others and if you wish we willbe glad to share after we return home. All in all it was amazing! Thank you so much! We will definitely recommend it to others🌹🙏

From Mrs Orly  & Mr Yon Asaf couple who travelled with us from 25 Mar to 10 Apr 2023 overland Vietnam


Hello Tuan and Giap, we are back home after a great vacation in Vietnam and we want to say many, many thanks to you. Thanks to you we had a special experience different from all our trips in the world. We have never gone on a trip organized by a company and at first we were apprehensive, but we quickly discovered what great care we received from you. Drivers who always arrived on time, excellent guides (Tan and Hao) who taught us a lot, allowed us to experience Vietnam through all the senses. Both were so kind and pleasant. Most of the hotels you chose for us were excellent and the support we received from you throughout the trip was amazing. The handling of the flight tickets and show tickets, information that always arrived on time, when we asked questions we always received a quick response. In addition to all the great care we received from you, we were exposed to your country and discovered that Vietnam is a beautiful and special country with pleasant people and an interesting culture. So again many, many thanks.

Orly and Yon Assaf

From Mr BERG MICHAEL STEPHEN  & Mrs MOORE MICHELLE Couple who traveled with us overland Vietnam from 03-22 Jan 2023:

“ Hi Tuan & Team “ This has been the greatest trip ever. You guys did an amazing job! Everything was perfect!!” 

From Mr RUBIN GAD & Mrs SEGAL YEHUDIT couple who travel with us for northeast Vietnam trip from 01 – 07 Dec 2023:

Tuan Hello

Many thanks for the perfect service we got from you and your assistance Giap.

We had a wonderful trip in your wonderful country.

We enjoyed very much from everything: the good hotels Affordable prices, the good guiding on the trip we had to Cao Bang & waterfall (I forgot his name),

the friendly people we mat all over our trip & the exceptional surprising food we mat in the local restaurant.

I will recommend friends ant people I am  consulting to contact you for tourist service in Vietnam.

Again thank you for every thing and hope to meet again.

Yudit & Gad


From Mrs Ronit & Mr Golan couple whol travelled with us overland Vietnam from 08-23 Dec 2022:


 “ Dear Tuan and Giáp - as our trip ended, we would like to thank both of you for the excellent trip that you arranged for us. Almost everything was perfect, we enjoyed Vietnam even more than we expected, and we hope to be back some day. Thank you


From  Mrs ARBIV SARIT ELLA SARIT  & Mr MEIRI AVRAHAM  couple who travelled with us overland Vietnam from 11-25 Feb 2023:


 “ Good morning Tuan and Giap (it's already noon for you) We landed safely in Israel, this is the time to thank you both from the bottom of our hearts for extraordinary performance of our two weeks tour in  Vietnam. 

All your people  that we met: drivers, guides  and  also hotel staff touched our hearts. With courtesy, personal charm and a smile, all without exception deserve our compliments  and that you continue to work with them. You spared no effort to do everything to give us an extraordinary experience . Your punctuality, your  holding and your openness to make changes. All this and more made it a special unforgattable experience for us. Thank you!!


From Mr MERLIN CLAUDE MICHEL & Mrs  MERLIN GILA couple who travelled overland Vietnam with us from 29 Jan – 14 Feb 2023:


Hello Mr Mai Anh Tuan and Mr. Giap, thank you very much for the organisation of our Vietnam trip. It was a wonderful experience for us and we had many excellent and helpful guides. We will recommend you to our friends and wish you all the best for the future. Gila and Claude Merlin


From Efrat Bron Harlev couple who travel with us overland Vietnam from 1-16 Feb 2023 “ Hello Tuan, I hope

You are well. I just received a message from my bank that the money was received. Thank you very much! 

Also, thank you all for a great trip, exceptionally well organized with great guides, and great service. We had a wonderful time and we now understand and feel greatly about Vietnam, and the people of Vietnam. Thank you for everything


From Mr & Mrs Rama & Yishai Amir couple who travelled with us overland Vietnam plus Cambodia from 27 Jan - 20 Feb 2023:


 “ Mr Tuan and Mr Giap, we are in our way to Bangkok after an amazing trip in  Vietnam and Cambodia. We want to thank you for organizing the trip and having everything work as planned and per schedule. All the best you and your families. Rama and Yishay


From Mr & Mrs LEVIN NIR & GILAT  couple who travelled with us overland Vietnam & Cambodia from 01 – 20 Feb 2023:  

evry good time came to an end ! Hi Tuan,

We are now at Siam reap air port on the way home.

We want to thank you a lot for the excellent program and well done organised.

We enjoy a lot and very sad that it's finished so quickly.

We will recommend about you to all our friends.

Many thanks

Nir and Gilat”.


 From Kosher group Mr Yehuda Oz with Mrs Ofra & together with another couple friends Mr Zvi & Mrs Rivka who travelled with us overland Vietnam from 06 – 22 Feb 2023:

 “ Giap and Tuan 

This is the opportunity to tell you about our appreciate for all operations of the trip along last 3 weeks ago!!!!

The plan and the service works exactly what we expected and we very enjoyed and we happy that we chose you do the trip for us!

We have friends that going do trip to Vietnam and we will tell them about you and recommend to take your services”.


From from Eviatar together with his brother Nimrod & their parents Clause & Mazal who travelled with us from 11 – 23 Feb 2023:


We wanted to say that the trip with you was amazing, my family enjoyed it a lot, they even say it was their best trip they took. The XO rider was definitely the best thing we did, it was really fun and everyone enjoyed.

Everything was accurate with times and the communication with you was very easy and any issue you help, you have amazing agency, thank you on behalf of my family


From( boy’s group)  Mr FEUCHTWANGER URIA with his 03 sons( Nadav, Eylon, Omer)  who travelled with us overland Vietnam from 16 Feb to 01 Mar 2023:

We want to thank you guys for a well organized, surprising, inspiring and beautiful trip. What a great company you have!

May God bless you!!!



From ( girls group) Mrs Aviya & her female friends( Efrat & Irit ):

 “  Dear Tuan & Mr Giap , Thank you so much for amazing journey , we enjoyed  the trip and your country a lot , everything was organized  perfect , hope to come again”.


From Ilan & Galit Yefet couple who travelled with us overland Vietnam from 23 Feb to 12 Mar:

 “ Hi, i would like to say that Ha is the best guid we could ask for. He is proffesional, responsible and considerable. He was aware to all our needs , and did everything with love and careness. Please see it as an honest and deep respect  recomandation


Dear Tuan, thank you and your team for being so organized, proffesional, paitent and prosise..we like the plan and all accomodations..and the hotel here at saigon is so good to end the trip with the best tast🙏🤗✌️--



From Mrs GINZBURG ANAT & her husband GINZBURG YARON together with their friend couple( GRANAT NATAN & ORIT) who travelled with us overland Vietnam from 17 Feb to 01 Mar 2023:


 “ Hi, we arrived home full of experiences from the amazing country of Vietnam, we wanted to thank you for an amazing trip, everything went like clockwork. You took care of everything and there was no obstacle in the way. You gave us amazing experiences and we thank you for everything. We couldn't have asked for anything else. We will recommend you with great love—"


  From Mr SCHLESINGER DAN & his wife Mrs Hila together with their friend couple Mr MENDELSON ABRAHAM & Mrs MENDELSON BILHA, who travelled overland Vietnam with us from 20 Feb – 07 Mar 2023:

dear Giap Dear TUAN, we had a great time with the XO team last night. Thanks!

It also reminds me that I am wondering if I told you that the 2 days with the easy-riders were great. The team is very professional, we liked the explanations and we also really like riding with them.

Great job, great people and I will recommend my friends to do it with them, when they visit Vietnam. Please send them our thanks again.

I also enjoyed both rides, The easy riders team lay on us not only good guiding and good explanations but also good mood and spirit. we  loved them



From Mrs GEORLETTE MICHAL & Mr  BERGER EHUD  couple, who travelled with us from 25 Feb to 10 Mar 2023:


I wanted to express our gratitude for giving us the opportunity to travel with 

Quoc and dinh. They were the best tour guides we had in Vietnam. They have good English. They are intelligent and knowledgeable, taught us alot about Vietnamese culture, tradition and food. We will definitely recommend them to our friends


From Mr BAREL ABIR & Mrs BAREL LIAN couple, who travelled with us from 20 Feb to 13 Mar 2023


 “ Tuan 

Now when our trip comes to end we want thank from our heart for the excellent services we received during our trip

It was a great pleasure for us to visit here and you really did a great job 

Thank you again and goodby



From( boys’ group) Mr Ori Bachrach & another 06 male friends at their 40s( Oren/ Avital/ Zion/ Ran/ Ori/ Boaz) who travelled with us from 03 Mar – 17 Mar 2023:


 “ Hi , we would like to send our greate appriciation to our guides chan and his freind, they were very kind, proffesional, secured and fkexible to us, thanks a lot, we feel very lucky to have them traveling with us✌️🙏🙏


From Mrs SARIG JUDITH  & Mr Amnon couple who travelled with us overland Vietnam plus Cambodia from 03 – 20 Mar 2023:

Thank you alot. We very enjoy.

Everything was very professional and well organized.

You have a wonderful country and lovely people.


From Mrs DAHAN ANAT  & Mr DAHAN VITOR together with their friend couple( Mrs NORANI REVITAL  & Mr NORANI SHIMSHON ) who traveled with us overland Vietnam from 03 – 17 Mar 2023:

Tuan and the whole team, we want to thank you for the wonderful two weeks we experienced in Vietnam.  Thank you for the organization and concern and for all the updates. There is no doubt that it was important to know that someone always makes sure that everything works as it should.  Thank you for everything—”  



From Mr & Mrs Doro/ Michal Peleg together with their friend couple ( TZUKERMAN MATY / SHIMON) couple who travelled with us from 02 – 19 Mar 2023:

Dear Tuan, Giap and team

We have arrived home safe and sound loaded with wonderfull memories of our trip in Vietnam. You have a wonderfull country and it is amazing to see how the people of Vietnam that we met are proud of their country…

We would like to express our gratitude for your service and efforts to make this trip so pleasent for us. 

We have experienced a professional organization with zeo problems, punctuality and consideration of our needs. The guids were professional with broad knowledge, and made this trip interesting and informative. 

We have already recommended you guys to our children, who plan to visit Vietnam on August this year. 

Thank from the bottom of our hearts,

Shimon and Maty Tzukerman, 

Doron and Michal Peleg”.



From 02 female friends Mrs HIRSCH HAGIT & Mrs COHEN LIMOR who travelled with us overland Vietnam from 09 Mar – 19 Mar 2023:

 “ Hello Tuan

We both got home safe. We would like to sumerize our jerney in Vietnam. We would like to express our datisfaction for your support, professionality, accurancy and your skilled team. I would like to point out especialy the "easy rider" team, Sunny and Gimmy, who led us very carefully and safely along Vietnam roads. They have much knowlegde and much grace and kindness. We definately are going to recomend you and your team to all our friends. We will also put some good impression and recomendation with "trip advisor" site. 

Thank you for everything, Hagit and Limor


From Mrs Tamar Harris & Mr Gideon Harris couple who travelled with us overland Vietnam:

  “ Thank you for everything. Everything was perfectly organized. The guides were great, the hotels are good. Thank you for all the perfect organizationFrom Mr Oren & Mrs Ronit Golan travelled with Travel Authentic from 08 – 23 Dec 2022


Dear Tuan and Giáp - as our trip ended, we would like to thank both of you for the excellent trip that you arranged for us. Almost everything was perfect, we enjoyed Vietnam even more than we expected, and we hope to be back some day. Thank you 🙏--

From Mr Gad Rubin & Yehudit Segal traveled with Travel Authentic from 1- 12 Dec 2022


Tuan Hello


Many thanks for the perfect service we got from you and your assistance Giap.

We had a wonderful trip in your wonderful country.

We enjoyed very much from everything: the good hotels Affordable prices, the good guiding on the trip we had to Cao Bang & waterfall (I forgot his name),

the friendly people we mat all over our trip & the exceptional surprising food we mat in the local restaurant.

I will recommend friends ant people I am  consulting to contact you for tourist service in Vietnam.

Again thank you for every thing and hope to meet again.

Yudit & Gad

From Einat / Shlomo & their group of 07 adults travelling with us from 03 – 19 Oct 2022 overland Vietnam


Hi Tuan,


Sorry for a late reply.


We wish to thank you for organizing a wonderful trip.

We enjoyed very much traveling in Vietnam , your drivers and guides were very good.

Hotels was great , and the plan was nice.


Thank you


From AMIR MAI & HALFON EITAN – young couple travelled with us overland Vietnam plus Siemreap in Cambodia from 26 Sept – 14 Oct 2022


Hi Tuan and Giap,


We want to thank you, we had a great time and we enjoyed and learned a lot about Vietnam  and Cambodia  


We really appreciate the opportunity to makes that kind of trip 


We want to emphasize especially the tours guides - 


Kim at the north - It was so amazing, feels like we know him for a years.


James and Tuan - easy riders at Dalat - It was a very experiential journey and they are both are very kind, friendly and the ride was very safety.


Puthea say - Siem reap tour guide - wonderful place and he was so kindly and professional.


We want to thank you Giap for your accompanying during our trip.


And finally thank you Tuan for the amazing managing this trip from the booking point till now.


Thanks 😎😁


Mai and Eitan 🇮🇱

From Mrs Noga Atsil & husband to travel overland Vietnam with us from 23 Sept to 14 Oct 2022 

- comments about the guide in the north



I have to tell you that we are very pleased with both choom (the driver) and Tan (the guide).


Choom is a careful driver, and a very pleasant man.


Tan is a proffessional guide, a fun person to hang out with, has a good spirit. You can tell that he loves his job.


It was good to spend a whole week with these 2 guys!

- comments after the trip

Dear Tuan and Giap,
As we are now back home safely, I would like to thank you for providing us with proffessional services that made our trip to Vietnam easier and profound.
Wishing you a lot of success  with future clients, and happy and lucky life 🙏🏻😊

From Eran & Einat Berkowitz family with 03 children travelled with us overland Vietnam from 23 Sept to 11 Oct 2022


Dear Tuan

Many thanks for a great trip

And an excellent plan

We have enjoyed our time in Vietnam immensely, alot of it with your help

All the best



From Gilad & Noy ( young couple) travelled with Travel Authentic from 25 Sept to 03 Oct 2022


Hello, we've just arrived to the hotel in Buon ma thuot after the trip. The trip was amazing! Vu was great and funny, he tought us a lot of interesting things about vietnam history and culture, he always cared for us and keep us smiling the whole trip 😊


Also we forgot to tell you that in the previous trip in the north Tee was also amazing he showed us a lot of amazing things, and Noy didn't feel very good so he cared for her and changed the trip that it will be suitable for us.

From Orna & Adi Ben family travelled with Travel Authentic from 17 Sept to 03 Oct 2022

Hi Tuan and Giap,

We are at home in Israel 🇮🇱🥰🥰🥰

Thank you for everything!

We will recommend you to all our friends and clients for their trip to Vietnam 🇻🇳 😍😍😍😍


We have a small request,

We had the canyoning activity in Da Lat on the 29.09, and still didn’t get the photos and videos taken for us….

Could you please ask them to send us all of it, to our email?


Thanks 🙏🏼 

Looking forward to come again!

Adi & Orna

From Mor & Nitsan( young couple travelled with Travel Authentic from 23 Sept to 11 Oct 2022

Dear Giap and Tuan. Thanks a lot of a wonderful trip in Vietnam🇻🇳. We enjoyed  traveling  in your country very much.Thanks for organizing perfectly all the tours, the great hotels and the guides! Hope to visit here again with our family in the future🦋--

 Mai & Ofir – young couple travelled with us from 8 – 23 Sept 2022 – Vietnam Overland


We’re a bit late but we just wanted to say thank you so much! 

We had an amazing trip that we will remember forever 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Zivanit and Amos travelled with us from 3 – 20 Sept 2022 throughout Vietnam



Good evening. 

We are on the way to the airport. 

We would like to say our thanks to you. 

It was a long trip, and we are sad that it is finished. 


We learned so many things about Vietnam. The people, the history, the culture. 

With such a complicated plan, we got everywhere. 

We have some comments that we will mail later 


All the best. 

Zivanit and Amos

Hello Tuan

We want to thank you for planning and executing our trip to Vietnam.

Before visiting, we knew only the keywords of the places to visit, we talked to our friends, read guides, and watched  YouTube videos.


Now that we finished our trip, we have learned so much more about the history, the different tribes that make up the people of Vietnam, the food, and the different landscapes that make the country very attractive to visit.


When we left, we thought that Vietnam is on the verge of a new era. There is change in the air.


The planning went smoothly. We were picked up on time at every location and were taken to the places as written in the itinerary.


The hotel list was planned well, we felt we were in good locations.

Lucky for us, we were in Hanoi when the celebrations took place, and we saw the people walking all over the streets.

Hanoi, Sapa, Hoian, and Saigon are beautiful cities, we enjoyed walking around.



thank you for the plan and execution.

We were happy to travel with you.


Zivanit and Amos Shaltiel

From young couple Alona & Ofek who travelled with us from 31 Aug to 15 Sept 2022

Hey Tuan and Giap, we arrived home yesterday and just want to thank you for all your help, the trip was amazing and we really enjoyed! Surely we will recommend on you—

From Ronit & Yuval travelling with us from 26 Aug to 14 Sept 2022 ( full package)


Dear Tuan and Giap! We would like to thank you for making our trip wonderful. Helping us with the planning, providing experience, proffesional and good tour guides with your consistant support . You made our trip unforgattabe. We really love Vietnam its landscapes and good people. We are on our way back home with good memories and your best embassadors. Best regards Ronit and Yuval 💕🪷.--

From Mrs Meytal Dror who returned and travelled  with us 17 Aug – 06 Sept 2022. Mrs Meytal & her husband Barak were among the first weatern travellers( backpackers) to Vietnam after Vietnam was open in 1992. They met in Vietnam/ fell in love / later on got married. Now they have happy family with 02 aldult kids and wanted to take them back to show them their their stories


We would like to thqnk you so much. We had a great trip💓🤩 everything was 100% perfect. We are really grateful for this time we shared here in your country as a family. We will carry these wonderful memories for life🙏❤️

We will be happy to recommend services in all ways💪good luck for you in the future.

Dror Wanderman family


From Achi-or & Yael ( young couple) travelling with us from 10 Aug – 06 Sept 2022


Hi Tuan and Giap,
We are now flying to Bangkok, finishing our tour and also finishing our adventure with you. We wanted to thank you so much for all of your arrangements and help. We felt in very good hands. We will definitely recommend Travel Authentic to our friends.
Thanks again and goobye.
Hope to visit Vietnam soon again 

Achi-Or & Yael

From Gal & Carmit Lin with their 03 teenager children travelling with Travel Authentic from 02 – 23 Aug 2022


-The sightseeing with the XO team was wonderful,

Tom, Ramseyle, Vivian, Tina and  Heidi were extremely friendly and it was a great time for all of us to learn about Saigon with these lovely students


- All the guides during our trip, that you had arranged for us, were so professional and friendly, we truely recommend all of them 


-And definitly we will recomend you as the ultimate agent in Vietnam to our friends. Following the amazing  experiences we already shared with our friends I am sure many will plan a visit in Vietnam as soon as they can 


-You are reliable, some thongs are beyond your control ( weather, flights etc) . You were always on top of everything and had informed us ahead of time of the change in flights, immediatly took care of solutions. 

I am sure your company will expend its activity, and wish you great success keeping this high service level.

From Mr Yoram Karin family of 04 travelling with us full package from 12-25 July 2022( after pandemics)


Dear Tuan.  We had an excellent trip in Vietnam.  Your team is good and especially Vu who was excellent. the routes are interesting and the people are very nice and welcoming.  The hotels and eco lodges were excellent and of course the boat in hlong Bay which was a great experience.  The hotels in Hanoi and Hoi An were very special and successful.  And everything was perfectly organized.  Thank you.  Orna and Yoram. 💫💐--



From TURGEMAN  DAVID & SHIRIT W with 3 small kids travelling with us full package from 16-28 July 2022


Hi Tuan and Giap.

We are now on the airplane..✈️✈️ on our way back home.

We had wonderful vacation!! Vietnam is special ...and we succeeded to see a lot of her in 12 days..

Very happy we did it with you !!

Everything was organized  well, on time, exact to our needs .. thanks for taking care of us all the way  !!  You made our trip to be amazing!!


We enjoyed  very much! Hope coming  back soon😍


From Goni & Gil ( young couple) travelling with us full package from 26 June – 24 July 2022

Tuan and Gap, we wanted to say a huge thank you! We had a perfect trip and it's thanks to you! Thank you for thinking of every single detail, for taking care of everything all the time and for being available when we had problems! We will definitely recommend your office to our friends! You have a beautiful country and we really hope that we will be able to miss it. Thank you again, you have a great team and the highest level of service




From Yishay & Rony Trif and 4 kids travelling with us full package from 06-18 July 2022


Dear Mr.Tuan and Mr. Giap.

We had an amazing time in Vietnam, mainly thanks to you.  Everything was perfect, well planned, interesting and we had a lots of fun!

We already thinking about the next time:)

Thank you very much!!!


 From Ron & Naama Ron Sapir-Tchetchik family travelling with us on 1 Jan 2020


Dear Mr. Tuan,


We had an amazing two week adventure. 


Thank you very much for taking care of all our needs and for the great guides.


Please also convey our appreciation to your team. 


Happy New year 2020 to you and yours.


Kind regards, 


Naama & Ron



From Muli, Tsafnat, Nava & Michael Family Travelling withus on 29 Sept 2019


Hello Tuan,

We returned to Israel and wanted to thank you for the wonderful trip you have organized for us.
The drivers and guides were waiting for us everywhere on time. The guides were good. Every day a new and interesting surprise waited us. The trip was very varied and interesting.
We would highly recommend you to our friends.

Thank you very much,


Muli, Tsafnat, Nava & Michael



From Mr Arie Schwartz family 


Hello Tuan/Travel Authentic Team,


We, the 5 members of the Schwartz family, want to thank you very much for helping us experience and enjoy Vietnam in such a calm, direct and professional way.

We have blessed several times during the trip, and surely after – the decision to work with you: the kindness, the calm and professional service, the as-agreed delivery from start to end.


We've returned immediately to the day-to-day mice race from this fabulous trip,  so it took a while to thank you.

Never the less, once more time, thank you very much.


Michal and I will be happy to be a reference for you and your perfect service.



Michal, Arie, Itay, Adi and Dana



From Mr Sapir Hirsh family travelling with us on 25 July 2019


Hi Tuan, 

I don't know how to start thanking you for this experience in Vietnam.

We enjoyed every moment, every minute.

This thanks to the perfect organization of our tour. 

Every time we arrived to a new destination, a guide or a driver was waiting for us. Even when there was a problem , you gave us the right solution. 

I'm more than sure I will recommend your travel services to my friends.

Now we know a bit more about the vietnamese people and appreciate their kindness and serviceness.

Thanks a lot!



From Mr Eli Shauli family travelling with us on 17 July 2019


Hi Tuan


how are you


It took us some time  but we arrived Israel safe


I heard from Ronit my sister that she had a great time with you at Hanoi and it sure brings memories from our first dinner.  


Funny how the trip Vietnam passed so fast and now it is her turn and I am sure she will have a great time.


Now we have some time to think about our Vietnamese  adventure


I had send  some picture of your team with us (to Tan I will send also personally) in jumbo mail


thank you again for all the efforts and caring for us 24/7.


It was really great to know you and we all hope to meet again




P.S. remind you to send us the Danang car and driver details for our insurance (just in case)



From Orli family travelling with us in July 2019


What an amazing country you have!!!!

We are on the plane packed with so many experiences. Such a variety of people, landscapes, sounds, tastes,smells,colours...

We want to thank you

Tuan Giap and Tien:

Thank you for the very well organized work and very kind and accepting attitude ( questions and doubts)  while planning and during the trip. We felt very safe ( especially while travelling with kids) and in very good hands all the time. Not worring about  anything and just experiencing.

The guides were great. Each one of them with his unique style .they all took very good care of us.

With Minh we really  felt the attachment to the places we the people and landscapes. He was very sincere .

Tanh and the 4 easyriders worked great as a team and each one of them added something special to the general plan.

We would like to thank ju in Ho chi Minh city ( i hope i wrote the names correctly).

We felt very comfortable with him at all times , no distance at all.and his knowledge is remarkable.

The drivers were all very good and careful. Especially Ding. although we couldnt really speak the same language we really enjoyed Ding's kindness  warmth  and care. 

 In the general plan although some spots were a bit touristic there was a good balance with more peaceful places that we appreciate.

We need now to go back to our reality ,to relax and understand and digest everything we saw and learned. 

Thank you all very much!! We will not forget this  trip!!

Ở lại vui vẻ nhé, cảm ơn!



From Naomi Karmi family travelling with us on July 2019

Dear Tuan,

We are writing to thank you for the excellent organization of our recent trip to Vietnam. We had a wonderful time, thanks to you and your staff.

The guides were very knowledgeable and we learned a lot from them about the different places and the customs. The hotels you recommended and booked for us were fine - we especially enjoyed the retreat in Pu Luong, the cruise in Ha Long Bay, and the lovely hotel in Hoi An. All the logistics went well and on time (except for the delay with the domestic flight to Nha Trang, but that had nothing to do with you).

Again, thank you for making this trip such a success.

Best regards,

Naomi and Liron


From פנינה אמיתי travelling with us from 19 Apr 2019


Hi Tuen and all the staff

.It has been almost two weeks since we returned to Israel and we are still under the tremendous impression Vietnam has left us

.I would like to thank you and Udi by my name and the name of the group, for the wonderful trip you planned for us

  .Every day surprised us more than the last

The trip was very well planned: people waiting for us on time at the airport, the comfortable vehicles, the excellent hotels (even the 2 star hotel was not so bad - they just had to change their hard mattresses, to soft mattresses), the boat and the splendid and luxurious ship. Delicious meals

.(The motorcycle trip under the command of Chief Vu and the scooters in Saigon (a huge experience

.A proper balance between free time for ourselves and planned trips

.(The excellent communication that was between us throughout the trip, which enabled us to solve immediately any problem that arose (there were hardly any

.And of course the good guides, especially Peter, who guided us in Saigon

.With your help, we will be happy to travel again in various places in Asia. And of course I would recommend to anyone traveling to Vietnam and Cambodia to use your excellent services

.I'd appreciate it if you send a copy of this letter to Audi, I can not find his e-mail

Best regards,



 From Mr Doron family Doron Margulies travelling with us on Mar 2019


Hi Tuan,


Allow me to join Ilan with my thanks and compliments on this very well organized tour. It was a full of surprises and new and exciting experience every new day. The sights were just astonishing and the people hospitality was amazing. The opportunities to take astonishing pictures, which was our main purpose of this tour, were there every day.


Thank you very much to you and your team for this unforgettable experience.


Doron Margulies



From 02 couple friends( Hila & Yaron, Etan & Anath )  travelling with us on Feb 2019


Hello Tuan,

We came back to Israel last night after an amazing trip.

Your arranging were undoubtedly serious importance to the success of our trip.

·        Most of the hotels were very good.

·        The guides were excellent: the band of the riders on the scooters at Saigon.

            The band of the 4 easy riders and the easy rider guide and the last guide  Dang (if I'm writing  correctly his name)

·        The communication, the informing and the timely were excellent.

So thank you very much.

Hila & Yaron

Etan & Anath 


From Mr Arik & Israeli friends( 10 pax) travelling with us on Jan 2019 

Dear Tuan,


First and before all, we would like to wish you, your family and your business, a happy TET holiday and a good new year of Pig, year of good health and prosperity.


It took us a few days to recover from the jet leg and to “get back to earth” after the tour we had in Vietnam & Cambodia between 11 – 27 January 2019.


Below are our general comments about the trip on your beautiful and interesting country, which left us with great and wonderful experience for life to remember.



Tour plan -  was very comprehensive. It was a very good combination of towns, country-side and walking & enabled good understanding of day to day life in Vietnam.


Accommodation – almost all hotels were excellent & provided very good staying conditions. A constructive remark about the ecolodge in Mu Chang Chai - It has great potential, located in a dreamy landscape - but very poor basic suitable facilities and standards. (freezing at night without heating option, not enough hot water, very poor choice for breakfast).


Logistics – zero faults. Everything worked like “clockwork”.


Guides – very good & professional guides who shared with us their immense knowledge. Their personal stories were a great added value to the tour. In particular the guides: Tee, Vu and Lin (in Cambodia), who really did a great job. Unfortunately I can't say the same about the lady guide in Saigon & Mekong delta. Her English was completely not understandable and her knowledge was very poor and limited.


For the tour in Saigon, the minibus was not necessary and caused frustration & waste of time due to the heavy traffic in the city.


Another general comment: we recommend that all minibuses will be equipped with microphone and to equip the guide with personal microphone for better communication with groups of many members.  


We would like to thank you in person for your intensive involvement during the tour and appreciate the fact that we could get in touch with you at any moment and rely on getting a quick & effective answer.


We will be more than happy to recommend you in person & Travel Authentic as the travel agency to any of our friends, family or anybody.


With warm regards,


Arik & friends group.




  • Mr Igal Miron – senior & experienced travelers from Israel
  • Vietnam & Cambodia tour for 26 days from 05Feb to 02Mar2014

Hi Tuan

I'd like to thank you for the great time we've had, on the 1 month trip to Vietnam and Cambodia you had arranged for us. 

That was a trip on the move, getting from place to place on a daily or a couple of days basis. It involved a few types of transportation, flights, trains, boats, And of course cars. I have to say, everything worked like a Swiss watch , without even one glitch. The guides were very good, all speaking very good English, very well educated and well informed. I appreciated very much the fact that you had made a point to check with us and make sure everything was going as planned, in every new place we've arrived.

The trip was very comprehensive and exposed us to a way of life we never knew existed (hearing stories is not enough).

Even thou the trip lasted a full month, I felt I could have stayed on much longer. It's no wonder, after getting to know the nice and worm people of the country.

I'm still very much under the impression of the trip. The many hundreds photographs I've taken help me go back instantly and bring up fun memories.

I will definitely refer to you, anyone showing interest in visiting Vietnam.  

How's everything with you ?  the kids still follow your directions and wisdom ? You should take it easy, we live only once (at least every lifetime….).

I feel privileged to have made your acquaintance, and hope to get the chance to meet again.

Best wishes to all of you.


Our differences

  •  We’re fully-licenced ground Tour Operator:

Travel Authentic is a fullly licensed tour operator by Vietnam Administration of Tourism. When you book with us, your money will be safe and you are dealing directly with the person on ground. That is why we can give you support on spot and our prices will be unbeatable for the quality.

  •  All of our holidays are Private:

You can pick your date of departure, choose what hotel you want to stay, decide what touring you want to do and how much free time you want to have. For all road journeys you will have your own car and driver, offering you the flexibility to stop off along the way if you see something of interest or wish to take a photograph. All sightseeing excursions are accompanied by your own private English-speaking guide. This means that you can ask as many or as few questions as you like and take sightseeing trips at your own pace focusing on your own personal interests.

  •  Our unique authentic experiences:

Our guide and driver will be flexible to give you chance to meet up with friendly locals and do authentic local things to explore the insights of their life and a sense of their cultures. Inspite of not being stated or costed in the itinerary, it is a part of our tour operation and will surely give you many nice surpises and contribute to your memorable holiday.

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