Coffee with egg

Vietnam has a coffee culture all to its own and in Hanoi, this includes a few cafes that serve it with egg. Whipped with sweetened condensed milk, the egg sits atop the slow roasted coffee, providing you with a hot afternoon treat that you'll think about for days.


ü 1 egg

ü 3 teaspoons of Vietnamese coffee powder

ü 2 teaspoons of sweetened condensed milk

ü Boiling water


ü Brew a small cup of Vietnamese coffee.

ü Crack an egg and discard the whites.

ü Put the yolk and the sweetened condensed milk in a small, deep bowl and whisk vigorously until you end up with a frothy, fluffy mixture like the one above. Add a tablespoon of the brewed coffee and whisk it in.

ü In a clear coffee cup , pour in your brewed coffee, then add the fluffy egg mixture on top.